Voyeristic lurkism!

Hello Everybody, in between my assisting gigs I am a photographer and an artist…. This is what I was born to do……I see the world through my skewed perspectives of multiple lenses and variable light!  This has made me hypersensitive to things that are going on around me. Why you might ask? Well imagine a high-speed skate board flying right at your face and having the patience and ability to stop it from smashing your thousand dollar lenses. Risk taking for the angle.

Going down!

That skateboard is coming right at me at easily 30 miles per hour and you gotta be quick. I simply put my hand out to catch it. It takes practice to know what can happen. I do not recommend being in this spot to anyone but a pro. You need to be listening as well so no headphones while shooting. Here is an Image of my buddy Nate Mott. I am literally in his landing zone and he could land on me. If i see him make one squirrely move or make a sound that means he is coming in hot and its time to roll out of his way. One bad pop of the lip and He could  come down on the deck and your head!

Pop goes da weasel!

Notice the flex in his board and the positioning above the lip of the half-pipe, I see this through the lens while its happening and it tells me that he is in full control and therefore I wont need to move other than tracking him. I kinda wish he would have done a tail-bonk on that video grenade launcher for fun! With my hyper zooms I am able to spy in on creatures and peeps from great distances at times without them knowing its happening. I feel as though I’m being transported into that space and time because of the tool!

I find it really fun and crazy to play with extension tubes and Macro lenses.. What your minds eye absorbs is otherworldly!

Lenses & extension tubes

Image by Ahef via Flickr

With the use of telephotos and Doublers you can really get close with the subject without actually disturbing the subject. In this case a beautiful sunbather enjoying the afternoon sun(notice the shoes on the wall). The depth of field  and shallow focus come into play and make for some really awesome images. Check out the heat waves! The creep factor kicks in when you are laying on the sand right next to them……. but from really far away, its less intrusive and looks like you are shooting a much broader scope of subject. Taking that into account makes capturing wonderful relaxing moments much easier.

Nothing better than relaxing under the sun!

Knowing what to look for and then getting the image is important. I saw the shoes on the wall and then went for the angle that would compliment the story! More on extension tubes and macro shooting in the upcoming weeks.


Time for a vietnamese sandwich from the deli and a tapioca smoothie to wash it up/down with.


Albino unicorn

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