Yesterday I lost my greatest inspiration…Rip Knuckles

Today I am honoring my little angel, the def albino boxer, Knuckles. She is the inspiration behind the Name Albino Unicorn. For 14 long and amazing years my lil white boxer has traveled and followed me on my journey through this life. From a decade In Lake Tahoe all the way down to The Southern coast of California, my Knux has lived an astonishing life and has brought me so much joy.

I will miss her smile and I will never forget her wiggling lil butt. She was such a clown and I miss her so much. I just wanted to Immortalize her into my thread and help the rest of my readers to understand the meaning behind my writers name.

I introduce to you my lil Girl Knux……… R.I.P. and All my love.






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2 thoughts on “Yesterday I lost my greatest inspiration…Rip Knuckles

  1. fazzio says:

    sick cheeks
    every picture!
    keep up the great work

  2. fazzio says:

    epic pics cheekers…
    every one of them!
    keep up the great work,,,

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