Practice! It is the most important tool in your arsenal!

When ever I get a concept in my head, I love to run some light tests so that on the day of a shoot I am ready to go. Setups and technical problems are fun to work out but never at the cost of your client. The key here is to be able to think quick on your feet.

By playing with your gear and complex scenarios, you can figure things out! Being a good assistant will get boring if you aren’t trying to better your own game. The perfect game comes during those magical experiences you will get from discovery. Plus the More you do it…………… the more natural it gets.

For today’s story , inspired by a shoot I am developing with Lauren Abraham, a good friend of mine from Lake Tahoe who is an epic athlete, I’m working on my more commercial and sports action portfolio. Snowboarding has been a better part of the last decade of my life. I will be shooting a fashion /action sports look-book editorial, inspired by some key brands. For the test, I chose a pair of Burton snowboard boots. I want the story to have an edgy look to it while focusing on the clothing and some of its functionality. Shot on a black wall with some moody back-light and multiple rim lights. Black on Black is always one of my favorite light challenges. I used 4 lights, silver and white bounces, Foil snoots, and a tripod with timer so that I may push  for a longer exposure. At some point I want Lauren moving so there will be some action and blur! Here is my test shot of a still subject. Profoto is my studio choice and at times I will add some Broncolor or Alien bees in for back light and fill.

Burton Driver


Brian Morris Photography

I’m looking forward to this shoot!

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