Hello Everyone, Albino Unicorn here to further my agenda. As business minded artists and entrepreneurs we are constantly bombarded by the need to generate money so that we may continue providing services to our clients. We constantly update our books and spend precious hours in search of a paid gig. If you are like me, then are spending most of your days digging , researching, and trying to stay as current with the wonderful world of photography. We must be seen!

One old school way to be seen is to run the cold call gamut. Try saying that 3 times fast.. It is usually done in three solid steps. There are other options we have but today I am going to focus on the cold call method. Next week I will get into the other marketing options, such as getting an agent!

Cold calling is fairly straight forward but for those of you who don’t know what I’m talking about, I will use the Urban Dictionaries definition to help further my agenda to brain wash you. So here we go!

139/365 - Cold calling

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1. cold calling

the process of approaching prospective customers or clients, typically via telephone, who were not expecting such an interaction. The word “cold” is sometimes thought of as being used because the person receiving the call is not expecting a call or has not specifically asked to be contacted by a sales person. It is pretty much another word of telemarketing
I hate when those people from overseas are cold calling me to sell me insurance that I already have.

So the three parts of a good solid cold call will consist of Calling clients, followed up by an email to the clients and lastly sending that client some sort of hard good visual reminder of who you are. That last part is the fun one and allows for some pretty effective schmoozing. Get hell of creative with this!

Depending on what industry you are in will dictate who you should be calling. If you are a lighting technician you don’t want to be calling the barber shop, but you may want to call audio and sound crews that might need someone to help with evening events that require lighting. It can get a little dicey trying to figure out your client base but I guarantee it goes beyond what you would take at face value.

As an Av guy you want to figure out your niche in the entertainment world… but as a photographers assistant, the more you know the better! Being able to digitech plus build sets can be an asset that would open up your client base quite a bit. The point is to figure out what your reach is, and if it includes reaching out to foreign markets, so be it. Please refer to the excellent article below. Related articles

Once you know the potential then you find listings via Phone books or internet searches. Keywords will help you find what you are looking for. In my Case I needed to find the Professional Photographers of a specific Genre ( http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=genre) and location that I work in.  So I hit the talent search links on most photographer association sites. i.e. APA National  or other agencies that represent the Pro’s like JedRoot. Every photographer will list their contact info and it will take you time to log it .Make Sure that you visit their sites to know what genre’s they specialize in. Sorry kids, there is no easy way but to get busy. Related articles

Once you have the info you will want to grab your chai tea (http://simplyrecipes.com/recipes/chai/) and turn the music down. Next proceed with a very cordial and brief introduction and ask for permission to have a little of their time.

Being professional matters and speaking the truth matters. If the Photographer has time to chat, be confident and sharp. If they don’t have time for a chat, explain to them that you will be sending them an email with your name and wish them a great day!

After a day of cold calling,  your next full-day of work should be to email your clients with your portfolio and a brief summary of your qualifications. Keep it simple…… If they are interested, they will return a message with some questions you should answer. This is a great way to get into their  little black book for future call backs. IMPORTANT MESSAGE>>> Make sure that you have Perused their web sites and compliment a specific image or editorial that caught your eye… this makes you real and it shows them that you are looking and respecting what they do!!

After a week or two has passed and you have another day to put something special together… you should have a list of interested call backs that you will want to send something to. Some people send custom Portfolios that are stuffed in a cracker jack box or a tin of coffee along with a comp-card or a business card. This is where you should really help them associate the name you have implanted into their garden of networking. It needs to be watered and fertilized to grow.

Comp cards for model Kimberly Fisher

Image via Wikipedia

Have Fun ,Impress and if they like you……… they will use you!

I think I’ve covered the Cold Call conundrum. Just one of the tools used to maintain the alchemy of business. Now I am ready for a bowl of sticky rice and some seaweed!

Albino Unicorn

Making a connection with the world through the Alchemy of Business.

One thought on “Making a connection with the world through the Alchemy of Business.

  1. Eric says:

    I am a graphic designer and though the industry you are targeting is a bit different this article was very informative. I have done tons of cold calling for other companies and have not had to go to that route yet with my business. I am sure at one point it will have to happen, but for now I am enjoying not having to listen to all the “No thank you’s”. Thanks again for your article and go get’em!

    – Eric

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