Integrity in a questionable if not so professional business environment. The Art of the DEAL

Good Afternoon and blessings, I want to start the day off with a multiple part question about the current climate of professionalism and integrity found in some, if not all creative business today. I have been noticing a shift in contractual and ethical business opportunities. The amount of research that goes into setting up proposals for free work doesn’t make sense.

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Best Wedding Photography Picture about Professional Photographers (Photo credit:

What is the value of your professional business transactions and the commitment to your client and customer satisfaction?

I would like to hear from other creatives and Pro’s working the creative markets and what your take is on expectations from the perspective of a small business owner or a freelance creative. What has technology and the art of negotiation become for you as it applies to the art of the deal.

My hopes are that we can come up with some direction for the future of this ever evolving and necessary working environment.

Please be honest and fruitful with your personal view and let us see what we can discover.


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4 thoughts on “Integrity in a questionable if not so professional business environment. The Art of the DEAL

  1. zeejewelry says:

    I’m here because I make wearable art. I have a small business. I produce quality, not quantity.
    Commitment to a client is at the top of my list. Chances are if you treat a client right hopefully it creates a domino effect, in a positive way.
    Technology gives me the option to have an online store.
    Can I compete with China? No.
    I believe I make beautiful things and I follow my instincts.
    There are many people that do what I do. I feel I am better then most. That’s the truth. That’s why I feel I will make something out of my small business.
    Yes, the hardest part is public relations online. For me it’s important to try every way possible that technolgy provides.
    This may not be what your looking for. I wanted to say how it pertains to someone like me. Thanks, Allie

    • Hi Allie, I am glad you responded. Its very telling that you started with chances are, the domino effect and the positivity. Can you clarify that this is happening for you ? May I ask what business training you have? Schooling, on the job ,

      I dont think we should be competing with China for business here in America… why? because cost of living doesn’t apply when money goes out of the country.When their cost of living is the same as ours, then it will be a competitive market… but the only one who benefits from such a trans action now is the one getting the money over there. If it doesn’t come back then way we have a conflict of interest in ethical business as it applies to our community.


      • zeejewelry says:

        Hi Brian, so nice to meet you! My business is the school of hard knocks. I am self taught which I feel gives me a fresh outlook on what I make.
        Before this I was a diamond cutter. I understand the jewelry business.
        What I meant by China, I cannot compete with price wise with machine made jewelry.
        In every description I have for my jewelry online, Made in the USA! I’m proud of that!
        The tech end allows for multi tasking which one must do. Thats great! I will blog about that. If you like you can see my online store.
        Any pointers would be very much appreciated, Allie

  2. Hello Allie ,Very cool that you are up and running … School of hardknox is a worthy and potent path to success, but mix it with some professional business training and you will become a formidable opponent. Remember that knowledge is power and it is also a key to success. Without scruples, ethics and truth….. it can all catch up!

    My point here is to protect what you have built by knowing all angles as they are defensible and should allow for you to thrive for long time. Marketing, growth strategy, management, finances, employees ,law, insurance, and a lot more come with good advice. Learning how to set your business up, so that it is balanced, only comes from putting it all into practice. If you forget to maintain even the smallest aspect of your business …like a garden, it can die!

    We should chat about how I may be able to help you with some marketing at some point!


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