Canon 5D Mark III tethered to a new Imac 2013

Canon 5D Mark III tethered to a new Imac 2013

For a week now I’ve been on the net looking for information on why a Canon 5D Mark III would not function correctly when tethered to a new Imac using Capture One Pro 7. It was even having problems with the Canon Utility software.

It was constantly seizing up in the middle of a shoot. I tried the canon / phase one work around and it was clogging up on import. After reading and searching endlessly, while in communication with all three manufacturers, I dug into the machines System report and discovered that the USB ports are hierarchical and that the port to the closest edge of the machine was indeed the first and main port. I normally pug my Wacom tablet here! Then all other accessories follow that from left to right.

Once I switched the Camera to this port all functions and controls worked flawlessly In Capture One Pro 7.

No More Hangups!

A lil shiny I learned was that if you want to use the Canon Utility that came with the camera so that you have more control over the camera, you can point capture one at the utility capture folder and Hot Folder it for all the goodies that both offer!

Not one discussion on the internet for the past 5 months covered this issue.

So before you go asking the pro’s whats up please plug your system in the above discribed order of input.

Camera goes in slot one, Wacom in slot two and all other accessories you might be running should follow off to the right.

I hope this help others discover the wonderful world of tethering to your Canon 5D Mark III to your IMac.

Please share this with the world!!!!!!!!!

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4 thoughts on “Canon 5D Mark III tethered to a new Imac 2013

  1. Dub T says:

    nice one buddy! hope you didn’t pull all your hair out in the process of trying to figure all this out!

  2. Paul Craig says:

    Thanks tons for the info! I read another posting that read the ports on iMacs go from right to left, perhaps they were talking about older iMacs and Apple did a switch at least with the current model. Do you have any idea which direction the ports run on a mid-2010 iMac?
    Thanks again!

  3. rasta man says:

    You can also tether to MAC wirelessly using WiFiCamTether ( to do the same thing.

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