Digital Junkie!

After 30 plus years of shooting film … I am officially a Digital Junky!

For a behind the scenes video capture I pulled out my lensbaby and handed it to the other assistant for a run on a 5dmarkII. The effects we created with that little lens added some very cool and surreal switch focusing and artistic depth of field. Those moments of discovery make photography extremely special to me…. Finding a way to integrate the effect into videostream is as much fun…..

I have found my drug and I don’t want anything else, I’m addicted.

After getting to play with some pretty cool upper-end tools in the photographic world that have engulfed my SOUL. Everything from Digitech training to hands on testing of cameras , lights, modifiers and technique from capture to retouch has finally sunk in. This feeling has become a deeply accepted part of who I am. I really feel it taking over the uncertainty and questioning that was ever so present for the past 20 years of my life.

Its strange but I feel as though I’ve transformed , evolved and reached a goal. I have a humbled self-worth feeling that has welled up inside of me. I have a desire to craft imagery and expand my knowledge of even more tools. I’m curious to discover more magical mistakes that can be made with these amazing tools brought to us and designed by some of the brightest minds in the universe.

The first half of the year 2012 will be dedicated specifically to my interest in the top products from companies like Profoto, Broncolor, Mamiya, Canon ,Nikon, Apple and any product that I can get my hands on. I really want to be able to Test the ruggedness and quality of the greats as they themselves continue to evolve.

I will also be focusing on some of the great and inspirational photographers, designers and stylists of the modern day work which blasts us all with magnificent pictures to help immortalize fashion!

If you have something you would like me to put through a test .. Hit me up. If you are a an assistant looking for some shinny please feel free to send me your questions.

As for now im gonna be prepping for this weekends shoot with Will Taylor.

Have a blessed week everyone and key in for future updates.

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