OMG…..One of these days I’m gonna play/shoot with these! Say hello to Briese and Solalights.

Hey Howdy all you time stoppers, The Briese lighting system is super sweet and very designer….
I am putting it high up on my get to know list of products to test or train with.

Maybe even someday I will have a set of my own.

Yes Please!

Not only does it look sleek but what I’ve been reading about it has me feeling tingly inside. If anyone in L.A has some that I could be trained with please call me asap!

When I was a kid many years ago I was triggered by the sight of an f15 fighter jet and wanted to learn how to fly one… well that dream was shut down by an early back injury playing football. When I came across these lights, I had that feeling again. All I can say is….. EPIC! Now if they live up to the expectation I will be in awe.

briese 77 is Dope

mega reflector is super mega dope

pure style is this gear!

I wanna thank my mom for the wonderful Lil game-hen I just had for dinner with a bed of steamed rice. Yum!

Bring in the New year.

Albino Unicorn and I miss my Knuckles

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