Tether Tools for my work


Hello followers, I am so sorry for being off the grid for so long….. But like all Unicorns,  I must disappear from view from time to time to go and work. We all gotta make the dizzo($).

Today, I am reviewing my latest studio upgrade…….My Digitech station. Normally I will rent a cart for temporary projects because they are extremely expensive to buy and take up to much room in my portable studio.

I have been Tethering for more than a decade now. I have been watching for some lightweight tools to create a compact station that is easy to build and take apart. It also must be sturdy, minimal and space friendly!

Ive been using the tethertools cables with great love and reliability…. so I watch the site for their other items….Once I saw the tripod wheels and the I-mac table I was sold.. Its based on a tripod with wheels and is fully adjustable. Here is the Link to everything branded by them in my kit. https://www.tethertools.com/

Its a quik and light setup that I will upgrade and fortify because it needs to be durable for my client work. Noone can afford to have the system go down because of loose screws or bad design. This stuff is well made and is very clean.





The Tripod I use for Now is: Vanguard Pro


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