Copyright for creatives

Lets start right here and keep it simple. Respect other peoples ART! Which means it is cool to promote people and their work, but don’t use their stuff to capitalize on……Unless you pay them for their work!

KISS….. Keep it simple selfless (or stupid for the oldskool fool).

^^^ that link right there i am providing as a compliment to the source…. I make no money from providing you with a source of information that has been collected for you.

Please respect and it will be returned tenfold. here is a pretty simple way to be respectful….ask these questions and they will help you decide…It’s really simple, but only if people would just get their head around these.

Is it yours? Did you make it? and Can you prove it ?

That’s all everyone needs + one last thing…. It/ART belongs to the creator…… unless a contract is drawn up that releases usage of such standard legal truth.

Ad salt and pepper to taste and wallah you have shown respect and earned it.

With love


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