I,Me, Mine

I am a professional button pusher with a passion for helping to create great imagery. If I am not shooting my own work then I love to be on set with other photographers helping them achieve vision!

I have a pretty vast background in production of all sorts. I’m the jack of all trades guy with my eye on mastering photography! I’ve been at this for 20 something years now. Working in audio visual part time while running my own business as a photographer.

Stage ,sound, lighting, commercial, and event from front of house to back of house and everything in between. I have the ability to take minimal direction and help delegate it throughout any aspect of a production and I like to climb stuff!

I am not afraid to set and strike much of anything. I can build stuff and fabricate like Mcgyver. I Digitech and Retouch as well… so if a member falls off of a project I can sit in.

Enough about me………….. lets get busy!

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