Shooting at the beach can be very rewarding, but it comes with lil demons of Dammed!

Severe sunburn and blisters on a shoulder, thr...

Severe sunburn and blisters on a shoulder, three days after a significant exposure to sun without sunscreen. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Taking It to the beach…. Dreamy and dirty all at the same time. First put on Sunscreen before you leave for the playa, I will explain why a little later. When the shoot is a wrap………….. Make sure to clean all equipment and bags immediately after returning from the Playa. Small silt will find its way into your gear if you are not diligent about this one MAJOR task.

Vacuum all dust and sand from your equipment. Do not use dust off or forced air on electronics. It can force the particles in deeper and it can damage other fragile parts found in digital equipment. A good strong vacuum with a soft brush on it will get the job done. OK to the part about the sunscreen…….. If you put on the sunscreen before you have to do this task you will not be sitting in pain while having to finish off a very long day of playing in the sun. It makes the task of cleaning not so bad and you can get to the cocktails and dinner party quicker. Plus you get to avoid that picture…..IK!

Order some steak and pineapple quesadillaz with a peach margarita

and for your Viewing pleasure check out this lil gem   Sophie Vlaming Excites in May’s Grazia France, Shot by Richard Bernardin.


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