The List

1. Two camera tether cables.
2. One-two ac cords for lamps
3. Gaffers tape
4. Mini to rca for audio Ac tester for checking cables connections and batteries
6. Mini screw driver set
7. Razorsharp snap knife for cutting and stripping cables!
8. Leather    man
9. Solid knife for whittling and rope
10. Scissors
11. Electrical tape(repairs happen)
12. 1/4 in cable for various audio and trigger signals
13. Flash light with lazer beam to point at stuff!
14. Power splitters and ground lifters
15. Water proof matches
16. Working around hotlights makes ya sweat!
17. Miniclips
18. Plastic for avoiding arching(various sizes)
19. Sunscreen(duh)
20. Leather gloves are durable and look cool!
21. Flash storage thumb drive with Canon cameras, Nikon, Mac operation guides to help dig for setting controls. I also load it with various digi tech information!
22. Gum or mints

23.Down load the Level app for your Iphone to have a digital level on hand at all times!

This is the minimum you should have with you!
The Picture:

Be prepaired!

Be Prepaired!

Because I also Digitech these things fit conveniently in my computer bag that also has things I will reveal to you at a later date!

Now its time to go eat some Spam musubi!

My Personal Tech kit for Assisting Photographers

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One thought on “My Personal Tech kit for Assisting Photographers

  1. justinsullivan says:

    Good stuff. I also wrote a similar post about my assisting kit a while back. Check it out

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